Experiences in Practice: LateNight Foodie

Overview and involvement in conceptual ideas; reinforced user research methods to gain more insights on a particular group of participants, including the takeaways gained and the processes adopted.

Project Spotlight

Service Design: DC Service Jam 2018

Experiences are better if shared with other like-minded indviduals. Showcasing team involvement in the 2018 DC Service Jam, HCD methoda applied, and the individual/team successes achieved.

Team Highlights

Relationship Building: Anika Systems Inc.

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." – Bill Nye

Expanding opportunities to provide insights and actionable steps towards recommendations– with these human centered ideas in mind, we set out to improve product experiences and adopt closed-loop product methods that deliver on the needs of customer needs projected for current/future activities. Project Outcomes

Grass Roots Design Fest: Single Carrot

Team building that takes the brain-power of all to formulate and express insightful ideas for future growth in the performing arts and theatrical experiences throughout Baltimore City.

Team Involvement

Keep a 👀 out for our upcoming team projects in the works!