/ May 20, 2014

Hey, he knows that mobile stuff!

Sadly I wasn't able to make it to Modev, but nice to listen in on this interview interview with Wren Lanier and her thoughts on z-axis, mobile develop
/ August 20, 2013

All I want is my Brandon Grotesque

This font is great and even looks better in action Check out how the Dunked team pulled off this font treatment
/ January 16, 2013

Exploring the benefits of Typecast

"Great for designers, good for the web" @jamesnowland
Label of Frostie Old Fashion Root Beer
/ March 21, 2012

Type of the day

Love the layout of this type treatment Inspiration for next project
/ February 22, 2012

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Project Scope Views from the annual Bring Your Child to Work Day event