A collection of experiences found throughout my life to possibly change the direction/creative process I go through.

Sadly I wasn’t able to make it to Modev, but nice to listen in on this interview interview with Wren Lanier and her thoughts on z-axis, mobile development, and many other interesting tidbits regarding designer opportunities and the potential for growth. Loved the parts about giving designers the chance to design for mobile when opportunities arise… “Hey I think Bob…”. See the latest speakers attending the conference at http://ux14.gomodev.com.
This font is great and even looks better in action. Check out how the Dunked team pulled off this font treatment.
“Great for designers, good for the web” @jamesnowland
Label of Frostie Old Fashion Root Beer

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Love the layout of this type treatment. Inspiration for next project.
Project Scope Views from the annual Bring Your Child to Work Day event